Our Evolving Story

Grass Roots was born one evening in 1975 when Trish and Mike were sitting around the old pine harvest table in the big farmhouse kitchen. The two of them had moved onto the farm three years before with a wise grey cat and not much more. Soon people were parking under the large maple trees and walking past some chickens and ducks to enter Grass Roots, which was initially limited to the small front parlor.

Five years later they said goodbye to that big farmhouse, and a few beehives they had tended, so that Grass Roots could move to Wyebridge. Canada Day 1980 Trish and Mike and Grass Roots arrived at their new home by the Wye River, a home originally built in 1857. They brought with them two lovely young daughters, a ridiculously enthusiastic Irish Setter, a couple hundred chickens and the wise grey cat.

For many years Trish and Mike have followed their inclinations and allowed Grass Roots to evolve in ways to better serve a growing number of friends. As people enter Grass Roots boutique, they enter a part of the family home, the home where the two lovely daughters grew into two lovely women. It’s also the home that was enjoyed by the ridiculously enthusiastic Irish Setter and the wise grey cat.

Trish and Mike want every visitor to feel the warm history and the welcoming goodness of Grass Roots. (Today’s wise cat is orange, but does not schedule public appearances).

You’re invited to our home.

Trish and Mike